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Not Attending This Year

Lori Russo


804 Albion Ave SE



     Originally from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, I moved to WA state 14 years ago. Living on Vancouver Island, I was surrounded by the ocean. From an early age I was always drawn to the beach,  it was a continuous gravity pull and always found myself the happiest anywhere near water. So when we decided to move one last time, we knew it was going to be near the Ocean, so Ocean Shores became our forever home in 2019.

     I am a self-taught acrylic artist.‍ whose journey began October 2017 painting on glass,  progressing to wood and canvas. I continue to learn and grow with each creation and all the different techniques the world of art brings. My hope for the near future is to explore other mediums such as oil, and water color. 

My work reflects my passion, painted mostly from memory.  The powerful crash of the waves along the shore makes me want to capture my feelings. For me the waves stirs the heart, inspires imagination, and brings joy to the soul. 

     Art at its core should make you feel something. Painting makes my soul happy and if my artwork can have that same effect on the viewer, then I have succeeded as an artist. 

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