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Meet the Artists

Loni Lou LaQuill

Multimedia & Jewelry   



184 Sea Breeze Loop SE


Every day I awake with visions and images of creations, challenging me to express how I truly view my world. Creativity allows me to improve and reach new possibilities giving me pleasure and being able to do what I want provides great satisfaction and allows me to grow and reach for my dreams.

It takes me on a journey, out of my surroundings and time passes peacefully as I put my thoughts and emotions to creative expressions. Research shows that the left side of the brain holds trauma and pain, but it is also where creativity is found. Creativity activates the left brain and helps to relieve trauma and pain, helping me forget about the pain that racks my body every day.

We’ve have built a lifestyle that allows me the freedom to create and share my passions with you. I don’t allow creativity killers, like comparison or the need to be perfect steal my joy of creating and worry about the judgement of others.  My art reveals who I am and how I connect to the world, in fact, it always has, but when I stopped fighting to be better and learned just to be, I learned to enjoy my creations. And I’m happier for it!

I work in almost all mediums and design jewelry.

View my creations at:

Jewelry -Fir Mercantile

Paintings & Multimedia:Fusions Art Gallery, Ocean Shores

Alder Grove Gallery and Rowan Tree Gallery, Aberdeen

Contact Loni Lou at 208 512 5392 or or

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