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Meet the Artists

Jade Black

Self-Portrait Photography


371 Sand Dune Ave. NW


Jade Black resides on the coast of Washington where she finds immense inspiration in her surroundings. Born and raised in foster care in the Mojave Desert in Southern California, she finally feels at home here in the rain and trees.

     Jade graduated from the Art Institute and earned her degree in Photography. She has spent her entire life creating. As a child she practiced and grew into a phenomenal realistic portrait artist mainly using charcoal and pencil. As she grew into her identity as an artist she began learning acrylic and oil paint. Graphic design was added to her repertoire soon after, however, photography quickly become not only her passion but her purpose.  

     Because of Jade's challenging childhood she has gained an eye and voice for bringing to life powerful emotions in her fine art portraiture. Her motivation for her work is reaching people and assisting them through all of life's traumas and strives to show the positive on the other side of traumatic experiences.

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