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Meet the Artists


Karen Fox
Fox Tales Studio
Oil Paintings, Prints & Cards

115 S. Narwhal Loop SW
     Karen is an oil painter.  She started painting in 1997 when she took a "plein air" landscape class from the Art Students League of Denver.
     In 2000, Karen moved from Colorado to Vashon Island, Washington, and in 2021 to Ocean Shores, Washington.
     Karen states, “I chose oils as my medium because I love the way they smell and their buttery softness; I like the way it feels when I spread paint on a canvas and I enjoy the feeling of that stretched canvas as it first gives to the pressure of my hand and then gently springs back as I pull my hand away.”
     "I'm very moody when I paint and each painting reflects that mood. For instance, some of my paintings have
prominent swirls in their backgrounds—similar to those found in Van Gogh paintings—and it's my mood that determines whether or not they appear and it's my mood that determines what I paint. I am some-one who needs change from painting to painting, so I paint trees one day, water the next, and then perhaps an animal.”
     Awards won include: Second Place at the Strawberry Festival, Vashon Island 7/2005, and Honorable Mention at Plein Air Festival, Vashon Island 9/2005.
     Her paintings have found homes with private collectors in Colorado, Arizona, Illinois, Wisconsin, New York, Washington, and Russia.


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