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JuLee Wolfe


           Cindy Dana's Studio

           219 Muskrat Court SW



JuLee has explored various means of artistic expression for many decades, ranging from oil painting, to machine embroidery, to stain glass. In 2005, a change encounter with a pink pig magnet sculpting class lead to her discovery of polymer clay, the medium that still intrigues her today.


The infinity flexibility of polymer both in color and shape allows JuLee to be truly unique in every one-of-a-kind piece she creates. Her current focus has been on beads and jewelry design. Since her retirement, she is expanding her mastery of polymer beyond jewelry. Her future plans include combining driftwood, found objects, and other salvaged materials with polymer to create mixed media sculptural pieces.


JuLee has been active in Western Washington art communities for over 20 years, participating in numerous workshops, classes, camps and cruises with like-minded artists. She was past vice president of the Northwest Polymer Clay Guild and served on the board of The North Beach Artist Guild.

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