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Lynda Nolte



Lynda has been interested in various forms of art since childhood. She started with a basic set of watercolors to paint wild flower, tractor and landscapes from around her home.

 She continued to learn art through high school and college but then made ballroom dancing her career for twenty years. Choreography for herself and her student’s dance routines was a very satisfying and creative way to express herself. She also designed sets for dance parties, and costumes for dance shows and competitions.

  Lynda had her own dance studio for eight of those twenty years, but desired to learn more about nature. She then went back to school and graduated with a degree in Natural Resources and Forest Ecology.

Nature had always been an interest to Lynda. She very much enjoyed working as a Naturalist Park Ranger where she took visitors on hikes to learn about the flora, fauna and geology of Kings Canyon National Park.   

 A move to the Redding area fifteen years ago has given her time to practice her love of painting landscapes in the

beautiful California north state, but most of all it allowed her to express passion for animals in water media.

Her latest move to the state of Washington gives her gorgeous views of North bay, Grays Harbor from her Ocean Shores home.

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