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Meet the Artists

Linda Carman


     Welcome!  My name is Linda Carman and I so love the colors and shapes in the world. I have been a wirewrap artisan for more than 20 years with some silversmithing/ benchsmithing sprinkled in. My love of color came through a used old knitting machine/lessons and eventually my own shop plus working for the Brother knitting machine distributor.  I fell in love with luscious colors and high end design of the St John knits.  Kids moving into college led me to work full time to build a retirement,  and some silver and wirework along the way....but eek I missed COLOR!
     August, 2019, I began an exploration into the “lost art” of torching powdered glass onto copper and other metals A JOYFUL  NEW WORLD OF COLOR AND DESIGN, awakened me  in the middle of the night to create!   Had to get up and create and SEE the experiments.
     An example is coming out in a new line of jewelry incorporating  the “lost art” of enameling with my torches.  It is not a perfectly exact methodology because each piece can have variables:  how thick is metal, how many coats are sifted and how thick are the coats, how much heat is torched.   So just like me....a jewelry set can be perfectly imperfect!  I have had sometimes 8 or 10 coats of glass powder sifted and then torched onto each piece within a set, to create a delightful blend of colors and depth much like a watercolor painting of glass upon the metal surface. 
     Just how fortunate am I to use my wirewrap and benchsmith skills; my knitting machine love of color and see the wonderment of nature’s colors to bring out my whimsical organic looks of the unusual.
     I have had fun trying to replicate my ow interpretation of favorite clothing such as in the jacket above. 
     Thank you for visiting me and stay tuned to watch me grow and know I am grateful for you and the gift I was given. 


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