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Kristi Beitzel


           Studio k.j.beitzel

           686 Mount Olympus Ave. SE




I am a watercolor and acrylic artist who also creates hand painted chiffon and habotai silk scarves, table runners, window swags and indoor banners.


I enjoy sharing my skills with others and I am an active member of the Associated Arts of Ocean Shores.  I am also a member of North Beach Artist Guild and Harbor Art Guild.  I  was asked to display a scarf in the “Made in Grays Harbor” exhibit at the Greater Grays Harbor Chamber of Commerce in Aberdeen, Washington.  A photo of my scarves was selected as the cover of the 2017 AAOS artist book.  I show my paintings and scarves at the Aberdeen Art Center Alder Grove Gallery and Rowan Tree Gallery. I also show and sell in various local exhibits and festivals and by appointment.

The Process:

I purchase pre hemmed white silk chiffon or habotai silk scarves.   I hand wash in cool water to remove any silk worm residue and iron on low heat.  The silk is then stretched out on a frame of two lengths of 2x4 boards and attached with pins and rubber bands.

I create a design and draw a pattern on cardstock to trace by holding under the silk or I draw a design freehand with a resist called “gutta”.  Where ever the gutta is placed will resists the dye and stay white.  The gutta also provides a “fence” to hold in the color dye and keep it from spreading out and into other colors.  I plan the design balancing the shapes as to whether for a scarf or banner style.  Each unique piece of art is signed with my initials.  The gutta is allowed to dry and harden for a least one hour.

The design is painted in with dye by using a #10 round brush.   Patterns can be created by using gutta. Different painted background patterns can also be created with a 3” hake bamboo brush.

The item is allowed to dry overnight on the rack.  The next day it is ironed on low heat for 3 minutes on each surface to set the color dye.  A cotton ironing cloth is used to protect the iron and board.  The last step is to hand wash the item in cool water to rinse out the gutta and any extra dye and finished by ironing with a cool iron.  A washing instruction label is attached to each item.

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