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Judy Horn           




     Judy is an award winning professional photographer and electronic imaging artist.  She began her art career at the University of Washington and continued training at Weber State University in Ogden Utah.  With this background in oil and watercolor painting, she has developed a process to combine art techniques with photography and free hand electronic painting. Much of her work is privately commissioned projects, portraits and commercial work.

     Being one of the earliest students of electronic imaging, Judy has seen multiple changes in the digital revolution spanning the past 30 years.  Her personal goal is to stay on the leading edge of this technology and advance this media as a viable and integral form in the venue of modern art and photography.

     Through the Professional Photographers of America, Judy has earned degrees of Master of Photography, Master Electronic Imaging, Photographic Craftsman and she is a Certified Professional Photographer.  She is also a Washington State Fellow of Photography.  These courses of study have allowed her to explore the nuances of photography and electronic art, the combination of which make her work a truly unique representation of both worlds.

     Judy has taught electronic imaging classes at the annual PPA convention in Texas, state photography conventions in Colorado, Virginia, Arizona, Oregon and Washington and multiple classes at her studio.

     Judy says, “I would love nothing more than to create a wonderful heirloom portrait for you and your family, or help decorate your home with a piece of custom art.”

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